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We Supply

We supply a wide range of pumps suitable for various applications. We also provide installation services for pumps of any size from domestic to industrial pumps. There is no job too big for us..

We Repair

We repair and refurbish every type of pump from all industries. If your pump is broken or malfunctioning simply contact us and our specialists are always ready to assist.

We Advise

We offer expert advise on pumps of all types. We will also help you decide on which pump could be suitable for your existing or new requirement, domestic or industrial.

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We are a leading pump repair and refurbishment specialists in South Africa. Our client base extends to all sectors of industrial processes and manufacturing, and includes many “Blue Chip” global organisations. Our core market sectors include oil & gas, nuclear & traditional power generation, pharmaceutical, chemicals, paper & board, textiles, plastic, utilities (power, water and gas), automotive, food processing and health authorities.

We have high client satisfaction standards and are committed to offer best service only, second to none and without a compromise..

Before we commerce with any work, we strive to understand your needs. Why should we give you a snake while all you need is a fish? So, our specialists engage with you and ask you relevant questions to understand your unique need because our desire is to meet or even exceed your expectations. If your pump is broken, we repair all units using manufacturer’s original parts. We have the added advantage of being able to test the units in our state of the art in-house Pump Testing Facility. This ensures that the unit is fully functional and that the customer can have full confidence that the unit will perform once reinstalled. Once it’s fixed we don’t want to come back for the same issue.

We are a hard-working team of young, energetic, passionate lads and we are very fond for our work. In just under 5 years in the industry we have managed to service small and big clients in South Africa and the neighbouring countries. We have dealt with very complex repair and installations problems and we are known for delivering our projects in time and within budget. We are a bunch of over-deliverers.

We aim to be the first choice pump supply and repair provider in Africa. Doing this in the most effective way and delivering our services at standards as high as the customer would never have expected. We want to give value for money for each and every business engagement we have we our clients.

Our Clients

Many big companies trust in our quality